Water Submetering


UMS offers water submetering solutions regardless of the plumbing type in your building. If your building has a central boiler for hot water usage, our “Point of Use” water submetering solution would fit your needs. If there is a hot water heater in each unit, our standard 3/4″ meter solution is ideal for your needs. Both solutions are outlined below.

UMS also offers:

  • Full turnkey meter install for single/dual and Point of Use systems.
  • Self install options – UMS preps and supplies only the equipment to lower your overall costs.
  • Leak Detection for metered properties.  Never worry about a high bill surprise again.
  • Full service meter maintenance and repair services.

imetersingle point water meter

Multiple Point of Water Entry Developed specifically for “stacked riser” plumbing configurations, the Point of Use (POU) solution consists of two primary components: the i-meter™ and the Meter Interface Card (MIC). The i-meter™ is installed at each point of use for each appliance in a multi-family unit to reliably and accurately measure water consumption. The system is fully compatible with all wireless meter reading systems.

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Single or Dual Points of Water Entry
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for a sample 3/4″ meter specification

We also offer a number of solutions using standard 3/4″ meters where a unit may have either one cold feed or both a hot and cold water feed.